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Fan Video: The Exorcist’s Georgetown

In the Discussion Forums recently, CaptainHowdy.com member Indie House posted a video he created while on a trip to Georgetown (where scenes from The Exorcist were filmed). Here is how he describes it: In October 2007 I was fortunate enough to spend two days in Washington whilst visiting from Australia. …

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Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

There is something truly rewarding about being the fan of something and to have pop culture honor its greatness by giving it reference. For Exorcist fans, it underlines the fact that the film we love is undoubtedly a classic known world wide. Take this clip of the American improv show …

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Projects on the Exorcist prequel debacle

It will go down as one of the most famous Hollywood studio debacles in film history: Director Paul Schrader being fired from Exorcist: The Beginning after principal photography was complete, only to have the studio hire a new director (Renny Harlin) then proceed to fund a further 40 million dollars …

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The haunting of The Exorcist

Yet another rare video feature yet another rare interview with Exorcist writer William Peter Blatty. This clip is credited to Blizzi who found this clip on YouTube and is lifted from the feature length made-for-TV documentary ‘Hollywood Ghost Stories’. It features Blatty speaking about the strange paranormal activity that surrounded …

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Exorcist cast reunion on Good Morning America in 1984

Good old YouTube continues to weed out even more rare Exorcist videos for fans to enjoy. This find is credited to Exorcist Fansite long-timer Ghetto Exorcist, and you can watch the entire clip below right now. Good Morning America brought the cast of The Exorcist together (Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, …

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Linda Blair, Didn’t You Used To Be Satan?

Another rare Exorcist-related video has found its way to the surface through The Exorcist Fansite Discussion Forums, this time with special thanks to user RJ1979. Fame Factor aired on the UK’s Channel 4 during the 90’s and featured documentaries on various celebrities. One such segment happened to be titled ‘Didn’t …

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Video: Curse of The Exorcist

In 2004 E! Entertainment produced a segment of their famous True Hollywood Stories devoted to The Exorcist. You can now watch the entire show below, with very special thanks to etrigan69. The documentary follows a similar approach as The Fear of God by Mark Kermode and includes fresh interviews with …

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Horror Hall of Fame Exorcist Featurette

new poster for the exorcist

An awards show dubbed The Horror Hall of Fame went to air in September 1990, recognizing horror films that had scared the pants off of people in the history of cinema. The Exorcist was the first film to be recognized on the night. The show included a short featurette of …

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The Fear of God: 25 Years of The Exorcist

For as long as I can remember, The Fear of God: 25 Years of The Exorcist has been the most requested video here at Everything Exorcist. Produced and directed by Nick Freand Jones, The Fear of God aired on the BBC in 1998, written and presented by renowned Exorcist journalist Mark Kermode. It was the …

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Comments from Linda Blair at age 15

Our dear friend Sof continues uploading teasers of rare footage she has in stock, bless her! While we wait for the complete A&E Bio to arrive and be uploaded to CaptainHowdy.com, enjoy this short video of Linda Blair at age 15 talking about the misunderstanding by the public and media …

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Rare footage collection in one video clip

1st AD Terrence Donnelly in test footage

A long-time supporter of The Exorcist Fansite, Sofia (aka lunuso_) recently posted this collection of rare footage from The Exorcist to share with fans. I thought it would be nice to post here as we prepare to approach Warner Brothers to help us compile a definitive collector edition of The …

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