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Her head wobbles and the bed shakes!

If you haven’t already, be sure to pick up your exclusive Exorcist bobblehead from NECA’s Cult Classics series. The toy is finally on shelves everywhere! Featuring a creepy-as-always possessed Regan perched upright on her bed, complete with bedposts wrapped in padding and disgusting spew marks on the bedding and her …

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Exorcist Spiderwalk Figurine released!

Neca’s first figurine making use of their Exorcist license is the infamous spiderwalk featuring Regan descending the stairs. The toy has finally hit the shelves, and if you’re interested in finally having Regan on your mantle and supporting The Exorcist Fansite, simply order yours via this link. Otherwise hit your …

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Regan Figurine delayed until August

NECA have officially delayed the release of their Regan Spiderwalk figurine until ‘sometime in August’. That’s right, still no specific date as yet. As soon as it is announced, you’ll read about it here – as well as the release of the Bedroom scene complete with spinning head (later in …

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Second Regan figurine confirmed

As we know, the first ever official Exorcist-related figurine is being produced by NECA in June of this year – almost 35 years after the film was released. NECA have confirmed that a second figurine is also being released later in 2008. While the June figurine features the infamous spiderwalk …

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NECA Regan figurine ships July 2008

Only four more months to wait for Regan to freak you out on your own mantle. Alteregocomics.com have listed NECA’s Regan figurine for a July release, shipping at a cost of $14.95. They provide this description: The iconic horror scene from The Exorcist where Regan “spiderwalks” down the stairs is …

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