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Exclusive: Dog Fashion Disco’s ‘Satan’s March’ video clip, edited by Tim Silano

During my short visit to the set of Exorcist: The Beginning I was able to listen to Paul Schrader (back when he was still directing) answer a question about directing a film under The Exorcist banner. He answered that nobody could ever ‘top’ The Exorcist and it would be ridiculous to believe anyone ever could. The best you can aim for, he determined, is to create something on-par with it.

We eventually got to see Schrader’s take on the pre-Exorcist story in his original version of The Beginning, the aptly-titled Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist. While falling short of being par with The Exorcist, one has to admit that– along with Exorcist III: Legion— Dominion stands as a respectable and honest addition to The Exorcist timeline.

Before we could see Dominion, though, Schrader had to scramble for money to get his original footage compiled as a complete film. Part of that venture was hiring the sounds of Dog Fashion Disco to complete some of the music for the film, and Tim Silano to supervise the post production process.

Tim has spliced together footage from Dominion set to Dog Fashion Disco’s eeriest of tunes: Satan’s March. You can watch it right here and now — exclusive to The Exorcist Fansite.

Thanks to Hatter and Mike for the scoop!

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