Meeting Linda Blair


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    Jason Stringer

    This is still a goal I need to achieve.

    Iron Fist

    I assumed that you had already met her, being such a die hard fan and in the loop concerning all things Exorcist.
    She was in Australia back in 1992, I don’t know if she has been back since. It would be cool if she would come out again and do some Horror/Sci-Fi fan convention like they do in the US and UK.

    Jason Stringer

    Never had the chance. And I hadn’t even seen The Exorcist in ’92. I was 12. 🙂


    I really want to meet Linda Blair too. She is my second favorite actress of all time, only behind Jamie Lee Curtis. I read that she was at a convention just a few hours away from me a couple months ago. Hopefully I will get to meet her someday.


    I've been lucky enough to have met her twice at horror conventions (see pic below). A very nice lady, with an amazing memory for her own work. I mentioned how much I'd enjoyed her in Wes Craven's “Summer Of Fear”, and she talked to me for a good ten minutes about it.


    Thanks for sharing the great photos 🙂


    I've also met her a few times at the NAMM convention for the music industry that takes place every January in Southern California. She's actually a nice person & a huge animal lover.


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