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The Exorcist Rock Musical Parody is Serious Business

Fittingly set to the influential sounds of 70s rock and emerging from the Hollywood Fringe as the Best Musical Winner of 2013, Exorcistic- The Rock Musical Parody Experiment has burst onto the scene as a must-see production. Seriously.

The hilarious show is produced by the Orgasmico Theatre Company, written by Michael Shaw Fisher and directed by Pat Towne with musical arrangement & direction by Michael Teoli.

While vastly different, one could almost compare Exorcistic to Repossessed, if that film weren’t already a parody tribute to The Exorcist itself. You following? Repossessed starred Linda Blair as Nancy (kinda reprising her role as Regan), a grown, married woman with children of her own who is repossessed by The Devil. Thankfully, Leslie Nielsen is there to save her soul, may he rest in peace. In the same way Linda Blair’s role was meta for Repossessed, Exorcistic goes meta on itself in a very clever way. The plot?

When a cash-strapped theatre company decides to capitalize on the 40th Anniversary of the theatrical release of “The Exorcist” with a parody rock opera, they unleash Hell.

That logline alone makes me wish I lived in LA so I could see this show. Throw in fluorescent green vomit, a live band, epic vocals, a live-on-stage spiderwalk and a 70s rock piano riff for Tubular Bells, and this becomes absolutely must-see fun for anyone. Watch the trailer below. And if you can go see it, please do so.

The production has upcoming encore performances at The Sacred Fools Theatre Company in LA until August 14, and is hopeful for future dates. I’ve included some links and media below with more information. Please visit the production’s kickstarter to show your support. Every dollar helps!


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