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VIDEO: Linda Blair INTIMATE PORTRAIT documentary

In 2001 the Biography channel’s Imitate Portrait series produced a piece about the life actress Linda Blair. I’ve finally obtained a copy and can now provide the complete documentary for you (minus only the opening minute). Watch it below.

Being a fan of The Exorcist usually leads to being a fan of Linda Blair by default. It’s hard not to follow Linda’s career and be interested in what she has to say about her current projects after she gave so much to the film we love (and at such a young age). I like that she’s always had time for The Exorcist and recognizes that she owes a lot to it. She’s never minced words, either– she’s complained of her back being sore since filming the bed-shaking scene caused permanent damage, and of the set being ridiculously cold in her night gown, while at the same time speaking positively about the things The Exorcist brought to her life.

This documentary looks at things most dedicated fans already know, but there are a few extra insights and behind-the-scenes images to enjoy. It also goes beyond The Exorcist and looks at Linda’s other films, such as Exorcist II, Born Innocent, Savage Streets and Hell Night.

I hope you enjoy the documentary and I’m happy to add it to the growing collection of Exorfcist-related media here at Everything Exorcist captainhowdy.com

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