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THE EXORCIST takes to the stage

Some of this criteria comes dangerously close to indicating a remake of The Exorcist might be right around the corner: A new LA-based production based on William Peter Blatty’s most famous novel is about to get underway. However, it’s not the TV mini-series we’ve been praying for, nor is it a feature film remake. Nope, it’s a play.

LA’s famous Geffen Playhouse will soon premiere The Exorcist play live on stage, running from July 11 to Aug 12 in 2012 and directed by Tony award winner John Doyle.

William Peter Blatty’s novel has been adapted for the stage by playwright John Pielmeier, who previously tackled issues of faith in his 1982 play Agnes of God, which tells the story of a novice nun who gives birth and insists that the dead child was the result of a virgin conception.

Pielmeier wrote on his website that his Exorcist adaptation requires only minor special effects, stating:

“No heads spinning or pea-green puke, thank you very much!”

I actually like the sound of that. Sounds like he might have looked beyond the shock and awe that most people refer to when discussing The Exorcist and went straight to the soul of the story– that of Damien Karras’ struggle with his faith. I also wonder if many of the subplots found in the novel will find their way to the stage production.

Not to get ahead of myself, but we could also contemplate potential interest in a film remake should this play be tremendously successful. Casting would be in place and there would be a solid script to ‘re-build’ from for a brand new feature film remake. Not outside the realm of possibility. Possible, however… unlikely.

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