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Pre-order MILLER’S TALE on DVD today!

The producers of independent Jason Miller documentary Miller’s Tale need assistance to ensure smooth DVD post production, asking fans and supporters to pre-order their copies through popular fundraising website IndieGoGo.

Those lucky enough to have caught Miller’s Tale on television will tell you how insightful and interesting the documentary is– one that any aspiring actor, Hollywood enthusiast and/or Exorcist fan shouldn’t miss. You can view the trailer and more info on the film via this previous post. In the meantime, be sure to visit the IndieGoGo page and support this truly unique and rewarding film and pre-order your copy on DVD now!


Below is the official release from producer Kathleen. Let’s get the Exorcist community behind this, folks!

The official Miller’s Tale DVD is now available for pre-order! DVDs will include the hour-long film and multiple Extras: Director’s commentary, Deleted scenes, the Director’s student film Birthday (which captures Jason Miller in one of his final performances on film), and more.

However, we need money to create the dvds. We just launched an online fundraising campaign where you can pre-order a DVD for $35 (shipping included), and if you’d like to give more, we have all kinds of perks!

To purchase a DVD, check out our page here.

By buying your DVD copies now, you are ensuring that they are completed and sent to you as soon as possible. We plan to have pre-orders sent out in August 2011. Please feel free to share the page with friends, family, and Jason Miller fans on social networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. Thanks for supporting Independent Film!

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