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Films that give William Friedkin nightmares

I’m not sure how I missed this one right before Halloween (busy time for me as of late) but I’m glad to have stumbled upon it:

William Friedkin recently shared with EW the top 13 films that give him nightmares. Classics such as Rosemary’s Baby, Psycho, Susperia and even Alien make the director’s list, each selection featuring a short explanation from Bill about why he finds it so affective.

A very interesting read for people who found The Exorcist terrifying and might be wondering what kind of films scare the director of such a classic horror movie.

I personally found it interesting to find two films of recent years on the list, one of which had slipped under my radar. But with Friedkin’s recommendation, I’ll be seeking it out especially.

How many of the films on Friedkin’s list have you seen? View the list here. You’ll need to ignore the fact that the opening image is actually from Exorcist II: Heretic, and forgive EW for this popular error (many websites incorrectly credit the image as being from The Exorcist, I’ve found), but it is definitely worth reading.

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