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The Exorcist Fansite and its stance on The Exorcist Remake

I’ve received a few emails from Exorcist fans following the launch of our small petition against a remake of The Exorcist. I feel I should clear up a few things about where I stand with relation to any remake and this website.

Let me first confirm that this website would definitely support and provide coverage of any film being released as part of The Exorcist franchise, be it a remake, prequel or sequel. In the course of covering the film(s) in question, I would also remain as neutral in the process.

After more remake rumors broke online recently, I decided to launch a petition against a remake of The Exorcist (though one has not been officially announced). I was prompted to do this following many emails from regular visitors suggesting I start a petition, as CaptainHowdy.com would make a logical platform to get signatures. I was convinced, and hastily went ahead with the promotion of the petition.

In doing so, I inadvertently let my personal feelings about the remake take center-stage as part of the promotion.

Unfortunately, I incorrectly presumed that the idea of remaking The Exorcist was universally accepted as a horrible idea. Of course, this is not the case. While a fair majority might feel this way, there are very reasonable pro arguments toward remaking the film that have others convinced. Some have even had me reconsidering my stance on the subject.

Me, personally: Yes – Against a remake (at the moment).

This website: No – Neutral about a remake.

I will endeavor to keep them as separate as possible in the future.

For those interested, the petition is still open. For those looking to discuss the remake further with Exorcist fans, you can use the Discussion Forums.

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