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Call to readers: Literary criticism on the works of William Peter Blatty

bookcover.gifWe don’t hear much from the man who wrote the book that inspired the film we love these days.  Mr. William Peter Blatty keeps to himself, out of the media’s eye, and hasn’t developed any new projects for a number of years.

Before he struck literacy gold with what is still regarded as one of the best horror novels ever published, Blatty was already an established author, writing comedy novels and a small slew of feature films in the 60s.

Now, a long-time reader of CaptainHowdy.com has contact its visitors in an effort to get some traction behind a new project that has landed on his desk.  You can visit the thread on the forum here.

Benjamin wrote:
I am writing you, as I would like to forward some very interesting news.

I am a part-time editor and essayist and today, I received a contract from an academic press to edit a volume of literary criticism on the works of William Peter Blatty. The books focus will strictly be on Blatty’s text, as opposed to any cinematic adaptations of his work, as I feel his writings have not received enough study (unlike the movie). Therefore, the book will study novels like The Exorcist, Legion, Neverwhere, etc. I have several interested essayists already on board, though I would love to have some members of the Exorcist Forum community on board; I have read many of their posts and articles (I used to be a member of the old forum) and like what they have written.

Benjamin is asking for suggestions and opinions from Exorcist fans who may have followed Blatty’s writing.  You can chat with Benjamin on this thread on the Exorcist Fan Forum.

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