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I’ve been running captainhowdy.com since the late 90s. From time to time I’ve been tempted to post things not-related to The Exorcist, things I’ve wanted to share that I thought Exorcist fans might be interested in. Today will be the first day I actually do post something not related to …

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Worst Exorcist film of the series

A review of Exorcist: The Beginning by Erik Kristopher Myers Originally published on bloodynews.com August 2005 Renny, my boy, I’ve got to admit: for a minute there, you almost had me fooled. Yeah, it’s true: we Exorcist fans nearly puked up our pea soup when we heard that Paul Schrader”the …

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Exorcist: The Original Rules

A review of Exorcist: The Beginning by Captain Howdy Originally published on bloodynews.com August 2005 I found myself almost a month late viewing the film I covered for nearly five years on my website. Well, actually “ I could have been 18 months late¦ I guess it all depends on …

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The Review You’ve Never Seen

Okay so maybe some of you have seen this video before, but still, this is a nice video to add to the collection. Where can you see the whole collection? In the Video Gallery, opening in one week along with many other sections on an all-new captainhowdy.com. More on that …

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Dominion: The First Review

Review by Erik Kristopher Myers originally posted on and exclusive for BloodyNews.com Few would argue the significance of Exorcist: The Beginning on cinematic history. This is the first time a studio has financed a film and then fired the director¦and then hired a new screenwriter and a new director to …

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