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Commemorative 40th Anniversary Poster Already Sold Out

New Flesh Prints are were selling these amazing Exorcist posters by artist N.E. commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the iconic horror film. Sorry fans, I caught wind of this late as it got lost in the Halloween shuffle. No word yet on a possible second run of these prints but …

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That Time The Exorcist Opened in Omaha

The line for the opening of The Exorcist in Omaha

World-Herald staff writer Micah Mertes has put together a fascinating collection of the Omaha newspaper’s clippings surrounding The Exorcist’s opening in 1974. The Exorcist was a hot topic at the time with critical praise, religious outcry and public curiosity making headlines. Originally scheduled to open in March 1974, the film …

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‘Tis the Season to be Scary: A Very Exorcist Halloween

A fan dressed up in a Regan Halloween costume.

Happy Halloween, Exorcist fans!! While we live in an age where it seems Halloween costumes for women are often just excuses to dress provocatively and party, it’s comforting to know there are still fans out there that don’t mind sporting the scruffy hair, vomit-spoiled, ghastly look of Regan from The …

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WATCH: Blatty & Friedkin Revisiting Georgetown

William Friedkin and William Peter Blatty in the classroom where Blatty first heard about the real case of possession

USA Today have filmed a short piece to mark the 40th Anniversary release of The Exorcist on Blu-ray today. It features director William Friedkin and author/producer William Peter Blatty revisiting locations around Georgetown where The Exorcist was filmed. You can watch it below.

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A Glimpse of the New Features on The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Blu-ray

William Peter Blatty shows notes he took before writing The Exorcist

How time flies. Suddenly, it’s October, Halloween looms and The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Blu-ray has finally arrived from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. I’ll have a review of it posted soon enough. Snippets of the new special featurettess included on this anniversary release have been uploaded to WB’s official YouTube channel. …

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Chilling Captain Howdy Artwork

Captain Howdy's Evil Eyes

Another creative piece of Exorcist artwork has emerged thanks to an upcoming exhibit by Austin’s Mondo Gallery. From August 23rd to September 1st they’re presenting “The Rogue’s Gallery”, a showcase of evil characters from films by their favorite poster artist, Jason Edmiston. FEARnet got an exclusive first look at his …

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New Talk of an Exorcist TV Series Remake

Ellen Burstyn shocked face.

Here we go again, fans. While we’re busy celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Exorcist and the upcoming Blu-ray release, Hollywood studio Morgan Creek have been once again shopping around the idea of a TV series remake/spinoff to broadcast and cable networks. According to Deadline, there’s considerable interest. As recently …

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The Exorcist Rock Musical Parody is Serious Business

Fittingly set to the influential sounds of 70s rock and emerging from the Hollywood Fringe as the Best Musical Winner of 2013, Exorcistic- The Rock Musical Parody Experiment has burst onto the scene as a must-see production. Seriously. The hilarious show is produced by the Orgasmico Theatre Company, written by …

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Pre-orders Available For The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Blu-ray

Cover Art For The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Blu-ray

**EDIT NOTE: Amazon have dropped their pre-order price for this Blu-ray to just $19.96.¬†Click here to pre-order it now at this amazing price!! With the release date of October 8 confirmed for the highly anticipated 40th Anniversary Blu-ray release of The Exorcist, Amazon have made it available for pre-order. You …

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