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Happy Birthday THE EXORCIST film – 33 years old today

05985dh8.jpgIt can sometimes be hard to fathom that the film we all love and enjoy is older than the majority of people visiting this site. Today, The Exorcist film “ based on the superb novel by William Peter Blatty and Directed by William Friedkin – is 33 years old. A true testament to the longevity of this superb masterpiece, The Exorcist remains the highest grossing horror film of all time and is widely regarded as a true classic.

As always, Justy has provided another rare image for Exorcist fans to enjoy “ a notice published on the first anniversary of William Peter Blatty‘s book, reading œHappy Birthday Regan¦

Thank you Justy, Happy Birthday to The Exorcist film and I hope all CaptainHowdy.com visitors have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve.

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