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Words from William Peter Blatty to CaptainHowdy.com visitors

William Peter Blatty himself recently sent me a communication regarding CaptainHowdy.com’s recent post about the untimely passing of his son. His words are pasted below:

I am writing to ask that you kindly transmit to the site the thanks of all my family for the kind expressions of condolence posted there. Peter’s mother, his brother Paul and I were deeply touched. For those who had asked about it, Peter was taken by an extraordinarily rare event known as myocarditis, whereby a virus triggers the immune system to attack the muscles of the heart. The good news is that Peter passed in his sleep and was in what we Catholics call a œstate of grace. His last text message to a friend, in fact, were the words œI’m good with God! For all who might wish to learn more about my amazing son, the mem.com website now contains a œmovie as well as a new bio of Peter. Go to the site, if you wish, type in the name BLATTY, read the bio and click on MOVIE. Thank you all again for your kind thoughts. They gave some comfort.”

View the Everlasting Memories site featuring Peter here.

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