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    I’m in a friendly argument with someone about the originality of the stairs in Georgetown. This person seems to believe that the stairs were ‘completely replaced’ about 15 years ago. I am going through my recent photos of the stairs and obviously they have been patched and what looks like a 1″ + topping, most likely to make them level – but seem to be the originals underneath. Does anyone know anything about this or does anyone have a high quality photo/screencap from the movie (All the Kinderman photos I found are poor quality) of the bottom part of the stairs. Thanks.



    Hi Amity,
    I’m not getting any returns on my search queries on here. I posted several pictures last year of the entire filming area including the famous Hitchcock steps. I’m with you in that the steps were not replaced. These were a solid pour cement step with 1-2″ toppers. The area has been modified over the years, but trying to remove solid cement steps would be a structural nightmare. The handrails are indeed relatively newer, but the steps are the same.

    The photos I did find of Kinderman in front of the steps are pretty clear and I compared them to the ones I have. There are vertical imperfections that still match from the original pour. Unless your friend has real proof, it’s doesn’t make sense.

    Father Bowdern



    Hello Father,
    I’m not doubting that this person didn’t see a lot of work done on the stairs, but it had to be leveling for safety (the toppers) or even the addition of the railings. I was there a couple days ago and the railing on the right is going to be needing some repair again soon. I also found a high resolution photo of Kinderman and matched up some ‘holes & pitting on the lower steps and they matched up nicely, minus the ‘toppers’. Thanks for the help!

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