The Exorcist Possessed Regan Deluxe Box Set by NECA

Makers of the best movie memorabilia collectibles in the world, NECA, are wanting to let fans of The Exorcist know they are running an exclusive giveaway over at One of their amazing Possessed Regan Deluxe Box Sets is up for grabs, complete with rotating head and Tubular Bells.

Click here to go directly to the competition.

It must be said that NECA has done some glorious things with their Exorcist license, finally bringing fans official collectibles from one of the most iconic horror films of all time. While this Deluxe Box Set takes the cake, there was also the mesmerizing Spiderwalk Figurine and, my favourite, the Possessed Regan Bobble-Head. (I got two of those!)

Watch the Possessed Regan Deluxe toy in action below, cleverly cut together by Everything Exorcist Life-Member Justin.

Be sure to head over to and enter every day for your chance to win!! Even if you already own it, a back-up might come in handy, so get your entries in right away.

NECA Exorcist Regan Possessed Deluxe Box Set

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