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Linda Blair reflects on the Devil inside in a new interview

A new interview with Linda Blair has emerged via HollywoodChicago.com who spoke with her at the Hollywood Celebrities & Memorabilia Show in March of this year. She spoke candidly of her life within the world of The Exorcist and beyond.

Here are some exerts from the interview:

That a lot of people don’t realize that the animals are in trouble, it’s an American crisis. I saw it coming in 1997 when I started rescuing animals. In 2003, I started the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation because I felt that the people who had resources were not stepping up to the plate enough, to get us out of this crisis. Therefore, I started the foundation to speak out…

The films that followed The Exorcist, were as difficult as that film, but they changed prime time television, like ˜Born Innocent,’ ˜Sarah T. “ Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic’ and ˜Sweet Hostage’ with Martin Sheen. I couldn’t understand at the time why I kept being put into these taboo projects. I was criticized and misunderstood because of them, but I was only doing what the business was making me do.

With The Heretic, they had discussed making a Part Two for a long time. They brought me a script that was very good, they brought in Richard Burton and Louise Fletcher and Director John Boorman. There were several re-writes, John Boorman brought in Rospo Pallenberg to work on the script, which I still don’t understand.

Read the complete interview here.

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